ferret on a lampshade productions is taking a break. it's probably permanent.

since somewhere during the summer of 2010, we've been pretty much inactive- abducted, maybe, by the likes of tumblr and a terrible charade of maturity.

the site remained, though, until a few days into april of 2012, when our wordpress setup shut itself off- 500 internal server and database error notifications all over the place, it was kind of scary- and we decided it was better to just take it down. if you're still looking for some semblance of unique content we had posted back in the day, you can find mostly everything if you dig hard enough through our wayback machine archive (it's likely that if you came from google, you're looking for the photoshop section).

may the force be with you, live long and prosper, let photoshop never crash when you've forgotten to save, may you always enjoy gazing upon justin verlander's butt, and with love and sarcasm,

- goose (alice) and lukie